Self-Discovery Social Club

The Self-Discovery Social Club is a private paid community focused
on YOU as the hero in YOUR life's journey!

Each month, you'll dig into a new human trait with tools, activities, mentors, and peers.

You can think of this membership as a playground for adults ready to "glow up"...
because after all, us grown-ups are just kids grown up!

You have unrealized, minimized, or neglected natural skills and strengths. 
Discovering, polishing, and shining up your strengths
is goal of the Self-Discovery Social Club.

Each month we'll introduce a research backed human trait,
intelligences, characteristic, or tendency.
Daily, you will have access to a flexible but guided program
that supports your hero’s journey of personal transformation.

We'll begin by exploring Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Membership includes:

⇢ 24/7 access
to a private community full of mentors, peers, and activities
⇢ Guided programming focused on  personal development
⇢ Social feed w/polls, prompts, and resources
⇢ Weekly “Trail guides” with daily challenges 
⇢ Personalized quizzes to provide real feedback on your personal growth
⇢ Organized in-person and virtual events to support deeper relationships
⇢ Weekly virtual office hours and hosted pop-ins

Monthly Plan


Cost: $44.99 / month
Duration: 30 days
Videos: 2+ hours
Downloadable files: 8+
Personalized Quiz: 3+
Private Events: 10+
Access from any computer, tablet, or mobile

Annual Plan


Cost: $499.99 / year
Duration: 12 months
Videos: 15+ hrs
Downloadable Files: 48+
Personalized Quiz: 15+
Private Events: 150+
Access from any computer, tablet, or mobile

The social club is a casual guided program that uses a variety of techniques to discover more about yourself and others.

Structural pillars are:

⇢ One style does not fit all 
⇢ We all learn a bit differently
⇢ Your journey is uniquely yours

It’s your playground full of  peers and activities  specifically designed to accelerate your “glow-up”.

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