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Work-Life Flow Podcast by Kerstin Kirchsteiger, PhD

Podcast Notes:

In today’s episode, my guest Stephanie Kessl and I chatted about the concept of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and how we can become more self-aware of ourselves. This concept can help us identify our strengths and open the way to personal and professional growth. Stephanie is the founder of a free online community called Best Vibes Village and a paid membership for those who would like to take a deeper dive into self-discovery and lifelong learning.

Health Shi"F"t Podcast by Julie Freeman, MA, RDN, LDN, RYT

Podcast Notes:

Stephanie is a Twin and 1 of 7 children and she is Multiracial. Her Mother has bi-polar illness. Stephanie recalls being a passionate child and had an early interest in being a family health advocate. She has degrees in Early childhood education, fine art, holistic health, a masters in Public Health and child and Family Development. And her most recent accomplishment is being the Founder of Best Vibes Village here in
San Diego, CA.

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